Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A great Tuesday in DC

A quick post before the evening memorial tour - We began with a White House picture stop, saw a presentation at Ford's Theater, and toured the US Capitol. After lunch, we had a very moving trip to the Holocaust Memorial Museum and walked the FDR and Jefferson Memorial. a yummy dinner at Pizzeria UNO filled the bellies for our night visit to the WWII, Vietnam Veterans, Lincoln, and Korean War Memorials. We were also joined by four USM alumni at various times during the day - very cool. Everyone seems to be happy, healthy, and historic. Pictures will follow this evening when we get to the hotel!


  1. Hey, 8th graders!
    I'm enjoying "following" you along your route, through the phone audiocasts. You took the same route through the memorials that I took two summers ago when I was there for a conference.

    Sounds like you are having much better weather than I had, though. While at the WWII Memorial, I got caught in a sudden hail storm. Good thing the Memorial has that roof where I could seek shelter. USM Historians right now are saying "What roof?" Exactly.

    Keep enjoying your adventure! Look forward to hearing and seeing more.

    Mr. Peppler

  2. We're looking forward to stories and more pictures.
    Does anyone have blisters?

    love from the Costomiris Crew

    Karen, Liam, Aunt Patty, Uncle Don, and their friend Marlene

  3. thanks for the pictures! it looks like you're having a good time and learning a lot. everyone at USM misses you except the 7th graders, who are having too much fun on the 8th grade stairs!
    Mrs. Nosbusch